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When this light illuminates on the comparator warning monitor display panel, it means that for two or more seconds a differential error in altitude has been detected by the comparator warning monitor.



Before applying power to the flight director system, check that _________. After power is applied, check that _________.

Both RGA PWR lights are on; both RGA PWR lights are off


While in flight, you notice the RGA PWR light has come on. What should you do?

Check that the circuit breakers are set properly then check that the FD MASTER POWER switches are on


How do you know whether the frequency listed in CHAN is AM or FM?

If it is FM the space after the numbers will be blank


If you’ve selected the ZERO(PULL) position on the operational mode selector of the RSC, what types of data will be cleared from RT memory?

Presets and Electronic protection parameters (HAVE QUICK, Secure Voice)


Which switch position on the RSC mode selector would you select to load a new frequency/modulation pair into the top LSK?



You glance at your HSI COMM line before you make a radio call. What information does it provide for you?

Squelch status, frequency and call sign that is selected as active frequency


To tune COM2 without further actions or steps enter a _________ at LSK6, a _________ at LSK7 or a _________ at LSK8?

Valid call sign at LSK 6; frequency at LSK 7 (numbered freq); valid preset at LSK 8


With COM2 set on SCAN, what would happen if you tried transmitting over the COM2 radio?

Transmission would go over the main frequency, unless a transmission from another scan frequency had been received within the last 3 seconds


When the radio set control (RSC) frequency mode selector is in the 243 position, the radio is operating in __________ mode.

UHF Guard


To change frequencies on the COM3 RT using the radio set control (RSC), you should first:

Press RT Select