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1. The Captain of E99, which is a foam storage depot, was discussing the proper stacking and
rotation of supplies to ensure effective foam concentrate is available to attack fires. Which point
made by the Captain was not entirely correct? 10.1
A. Foam concentrate should be stacked no more than three containers high. All foam
concentrates have an indefinite shelf life.
B. When foam concentrate is delivered to the foam depot, the officer on duty should inspect
the containers for a stamped date. If there is not a date on the container then a date should be
affixed using an indelible marker.
C. The Company Commander of the foam depot should ensure the proper rotation of foam
D. The oldest foam concentrate should be used first and if using foam for drill purposes then
use the oldest foam concentrate available.



2. Maintenance is an important aspect regarding foam operations. Foam concentrate can have
a severe and debilitating effect on the equipment used to generate it and any foam equipment that
comes in contact with foam requires flushing. Which point about the proper maintenance of
foam equipment is incorrect? 12
A. Foam eductors, pick up tubes, FIMM’s generators, hose, and pumps are to be washed out
and cleaned after every use.
B. When cleaning an eductor, water should be educted through it until clean water flows
through the eductor.
C. All eductors of Engine Co.’s should be tested monthly at MUD by attaching the eductor to
a hose line one length from the pumper and supplying the eductor with 225 psi.
D. Any nozzle or eductor that is not functioning properly should be sent to the fire tools and
equipment unit with an RT2 attached.
E. All valves, pumps, and gates of foam pumpers need to be operated on a regular basis to
maintain functionality.



3. A fire in a bulk oil storage facility has a potential unequaled by many other incidents. The
millions of gallons of flammable and combustible liquids stored can cause a major life, health
and environmental hazard if ignited. Which point made about a fire in a bulk oil storage facility
in incorrect? 8.10
A. Quick water applied to exposures before they become involved is essential. If fire is
exposing the piping in the dikes, cool them before flange fires develop.
B. Sometimes there are small tanks located in the dike area that are used for additives to the
fuel, vapor recovery units, etc. Many of these tanks are pressurized and are identified by their
rounded ends.
C. An empty tank will act as a heat sink and will not be as dangerous as a tank that is full. A
tank full of product is much more dangerous than a tank full of vapors. Use large amounts of at
these fires.
D. Remember, while cooling anything in the dike area with water or foam you are filling the
dike with water. Make sure the dike does not overflow. The specific gravity of most petroleum
products is such that they are lighter than water and will float on the surface. Carefully monitor
so that no product is allowed to run off.



4. You are new Lieutenant who is working a day tour in E99 which is a satellite unit and
carries a high expansion foam generator on their second piece. The hi-ex generator can supply
7500 cubic feet per minute of high expansion foam. During the tour you respond to a 3
rd alarm
for a fire in a warehouse. The building is 50’ x 100’ with 10’ ceilings. All members have been
pulled out of the building and it is an exterior operation. When you report into the IC, he tells
you that he wants to use high expansion foam. You would be correct to tell the IC that he will
need how many hi-ex foam generators for this operation? 13.18
A. One generator.
B. Two generators.
C. Three generators.
D. Tell the IC you have no idea.



5. If members must operate in a foam environment there are precautions that must be taken to
ensure a safe operation since the foam will hamper vision, hearing, and communications. Which
point below is incorrect when operating in a foam environment? 13.16
A. Members are to avoid becoming completely immersed in foam. If submerged in foam,
members’ hearing and vision will be impaired and the possibility of becoming disoriented
greatly increases.
B. Entering a Hi-Ex foam mass without a SCBA shall not be attempted. Under fire
conditions, foam may become contaminated with the products of combustion and toxic materials.
C. The use of handie-talkies will be difficult because of possible contamination of the
microphone caused by the foam, which will also garble messages. The microphone can be
protected inside of the turnout coat.
D. Electrical equipment should be de-energized before the team enters the area. Members
should move quickly through the foam to avoid be completely enveloped in it.



6. High expansion foam concentrate is a detergent-based product designed for use in special
generators that blow large quantities of air through a screen, which is being sprayed with
solution. This results in the production of large quantities of very large and light foam bubbles.
Which point below about hi-ex foam is incorrect? 13.2, 13.6, 13.7
A. Hi-Ex foam is primarily used to control fires that are inaccessible or difficult to approach
due to excessive heat. It is particularly suited for use on Class “A” fires in confined spaces.
B. The effectiveness of a Hi-Ex foam blanket depends on the expansion ratio, eductor mixture
setting, thickness of the blanket, and drainage time characteristics. Increasing the setting on the
eductor can increase the thickness of the blanket, increase the foam’s resistance to heat and fire,
and improve drainage time.
C. Hi-Ex foam can be used on alcohol or polar solvents. Hi-Ex foam has a slow drainage
time, good resistance to bum back, and can be used in freezing weather.
D. Hi-Ex foam can confine and suppress the fire to a point where final extinguishment can be
achieved with less debilitating effect on members. Under certain conditions Hi-Ex foam has
been found effective on Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) fires.



7. During a Hi-Ex foam drill, the Captain conducting the drill made the following statement
regarding the Hi-Ex foam generator and the foam chute applicator used to deliver the Hi-Ex
“The Foam Chute Applicator is a plastic sleeve used to deliver Hi-Ex foam from the
generator to the fire. The generator should be used with the delivery chute. The chute can be
placed to deliver foam to a level higher than that of the generator. The generator will be able to
overcome the backpressure of the foam”
. Do you agree or disagree with the Captain’s
statement? 1



8. E99 operated at two different fires where Hi-Ex foam was employed. At which fire did
E99 operate correctly? 13.15
Fire 1 - At this fire E99 had to deliver Hi-Ex foam to a below grade area below the generator.
Since there were no obstructions in the area near the foam discharge, E99 did not seal
the area around the discharge.
Fire 2 - At this fire E99 had to deliver Hi-Ex foam on the same level as the generator. In this
situation E99 sealed the area around the foam discharge using cardboard and salvage
A. E99 operated correctly at both fires.
B. E99 operated incorrectly at both fires
C. E99 operated correctly at fire 1 only.
D. E99 operated correctly at fire 2 only.