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O,I,A,N,B of Extensor Digitorum Brevis

anterior and lateral cultaneous
extensor expension of toes 1-4
extensor of toe 1-4
deep peroneal
dorsalis pedis


O,I,A,N,B of Flexor Digitorum Brevis

middle phalanges of toes 2-5
Flexor of toes 2-5
middle plantar (N,B)


O,I,A,N,B of Dorsal Interossei

bipennate from adjacent metaphalanges
bases of proximal phalanges and extensor expansion at medial side of toe 2 and lateral side of 2-4
Flexion/Abduction at toe 2-4 at MTP joints
Extension at toe 2-4 at IP joints
Lateral Plantar


O,I,A,N,B of Plantar Interossei

Medial side of metatarsals of toes 3-5
Medial sides of proximal phalanges and extensor expansion of 3-5
same as dorsal interossei but 3-5
lateral plantar