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Who is the artist?



When was it released?

6th February 2016


Who was the director?

Melina Matasoukas (woman)


Which awards did it recieve?

Best Music Video Grammy Award and Record of the Year and Song of the Year


When did she debut the song?

The day before she reformed at the Super Bowl half time show without any previous lead up


What had Beyonce been criticised for prior to formation?

Not always representing her black culture and reinforcing sexualised stereotypes of women


Applying Barthes, What does Beyonce performing on top of a police car submerged in water represent?

Signifies the aftermath New Orleans faced after Hurricane Katrina. Many felt New Orleans didn't get the help it received and is still recovering today (mostly Black community)


Applying Barthes, what does Beyonce in front of a house on a porch with men represent?

The house seems like a plantation-style house (time after 1900s when slavery was abolished). Standing front of the house makes it seems like its theres and implies the regain of control of black men and women


Applying Barthes, what does Beyonce in a. room with 5 other women all in white represent?

Outfits represent a period of freedom from slavery but the corsets can signify restriction. Slavery was abolished but racial discrimination and segregation caused oppression


Applying Barthes, what does The Newspaper The Truth front cover represent?

Cover features Martin Luther King who as an activist for Civi Rights Movement- fight against racial discrimination and segregation


Applying Barthes, what does the black boy dancing represent?

Dancing considered upbeat and joyful but he raises his arms in a surrendering manner. Represent police brutality and the boy could connote the death of Tamir Rice (12 year old boy who was shot by a police officer in 2014)


Applying Barthes, what does an all black female dance troupe represent?

Can connote female empowerment


What is Bounce culture that the video explores?

Music that originated in New Orleans during the 1980s


How does the video challenge representation of race with hair ?

Demonstrates the diversity of black women's hair throughout the video- long braids and afro hair. Shot of women in a hair beauty shop. Beyonce encourages black women to enjoy both their natural hair as well as weaves and wigs


How do the lyrics challenge representation of race?

'my daddy Alabama, momma Louisiana. You mix that negro with that Creole make Texas mama'- suggest she is proud of her background and southern culture


How does the video subvert Bell Hooks theory?

Representation of black women is at the forefront of Formation. Beyonce expresses a role of power within the video.