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Media Theories
What is roland barthes theory,
What is todorovs theory,
What is neales theory
19  cards
Which company owns tide,
When did p g launch tide,
Historical context of tide
8  cards
Late Night Woman's Hour
When was the set text broadcasted,
What is lnwh a spin off from,
How often is lnwh broadcasted
8  cards
Representation Terms
Technical codes,
Visual codes,
Non diegetic audio
7  cards
Who is the artist,
When was it released,
Who was the director
16  cards
Who is the artist,
When was it released,
Who was the director
10  cards
Who is the artist,
When was it released,
Why does riptide stand out from a...
10  cards
What 3 personas does aveline have,
Why is it significant that it was...,
Why does the game having wifi sig...
12  cards
Vertical integration,
Horizontal integration,
26  cards
What year was the advert released,
When was the water aid charity es...,
Who was the creator of the advert...
17  cards
I, Daniel Blake
Social and political contexts,
Who is the director,
What award did it win
11  cards
Straight Outta Compton
Who was the film produced by,
Who was it distributed by,
Who was it directed by
9  cards
When was the poster released,
Who was the film produced by,
Who was it distributed by
7  cards
Formation Terminology
Bell hooks,
2  cards
Dream Terminology
Levi strauss,
Stuart hall
2  cards
Media Terminology
Action code,
Active audience,
10  cards

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