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Where to look for lymph spread

Adenocarcinoma of stomach-> celiac, pyloric, splenic
Adenocarcinoma of rectum-> peri recital fat, mesoreectum, para aortic
Squamous carcinoma of larynx-> cervical, all levels
Teratoma of tests-> para aortic, drain internally
Squamous carcinoma of penis-> inguinal, drain locally
Adenocarcinoma of left breast-> axillary, parasternal
Nephroblastoms of kidney-> para aortic
Brain-> no lymphatic drainage-> don't spread


Locations of metastatic spread

Prostate-> bone
Colon-> liver, lung, brain
Stomach-> liver, lung, brain
Thyroid-> bone, lung
Squamous bronchus-> bone, liver, adrenals
Small cell bronchus-> everywhere
Testes-> lung
Femur-> lung
Adrenal-> lung, bon

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