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What does the FWP / FWPT lube oil system supply?

Oil to bearings on the pump and turbine and control oil to the turbine control system.


Describe the AC powered lube oil pumps.

4 stage dual discharge pumps


What does the DC emergency lube oil pump supply?

It only supplies oil to the bearings, NOT the control oil system


What major components make up the FWPT FWP lube oil system?

Oil reservoir
Main oil pumps
Emergency lube oil pump
Oil coolers
Vapor extractor
Oil separator
Servo filter


Where are the lube oil pumps located?

In the reservoir with the motors mounted on top of the reservoir.


What does the low pressure discharge of the lube oil pump supply?

Pump and turbine bearings


What will cause the second FWP FWPT main lube oil pump to start?

Low header pressure will start the standby pump if it's in auto.
There is also a test push button locally and in the control room

Same for ELOP


What cools the FWP FWPT lube oil coolers?

TC with one cooler in service at a time.


What automatic feature is associated with the lube oil filters?

There is an automatic bypass feature that prevents a filter from shutting off oil to the bearings due to clogging


How many vapor extractors are there?

2, one for each feed pump.