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General case analysis

A systematic process for identifying and selecting teaching examples that represent the full range of stimulus variations and response requirements in the generalization settings.



A generic term for a variety of behavioral processes and behavior changes outcomes.


Generalization across subjects

Changes in the behavior of people not directly treated by an intervention as a function of treatment contingencies applied to other people.


Generalization probe

Any measurement of a learner's performance of a target behavior in a setting and/or stimulus situation in which direct training has not been provided.


Generalization setting

Any place or stimulus situation that differs in some meaningful way from the instructional setting and
I which performance of the target behavior is desired.


Generalized behavior change

A behavior change that has not been taught directly. Generalized outcomes takes one, or a stimulus/setting generalization, and response generalization. Sometimes called generalized outcomes.


Generalized conditioned punisher

A stimulus change that, as a result of having been paired with many other punishers, functions as punishment under most conditions before specific types of punishment.


Generalized conditioned reinforcer

A conditioned reinforcer that as a result of having been paired with many other reinforcers does not depend on an establishing operation for any particular form of reinforcement for its effectiveness.


Generic (tact) extension

A tact evoked by a novel stimulus that shares all of the relevant or defining features associated with the original stimulus.



A visual format for displaying data; reveals relations among and between a series of measurements and relevant variables.


Group contingency

A contingency in which reinforcement for all members of a group is dependent on the behavior of 1) a person within the group 2) a select group of members within the larger group, 3) each member of the group meeting a performance criterion.