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The value on the vertical axis around which a series of behavioral measures converge.


Level System

A component of some token economy systems in which participants advance up (or down) through a succession of levels contingent on their behavioral at the current level. The performance criteria and sophistication or difficulty of the behaviors required at each level are higher than those preceding levels; as participants advance to higher levels, they gain access to more desirable reinforcers, increased privileges, and greater independence.


Limited Hold

A situation in which reinforcement is available only during a finite time following the elapse of an FI or VI interval; of the target response does not occur within the time limit, reinforcement is withheld and a new interval begins.


Line Graph

Based on Cartesian plane, a two-dimensional area formed by the intersection of two perpendicular lines. At any point within the plane represents a specific relation between the two dimensions described by the intersecting lines. It is the most common graphic format for displaying data in applied behavior analysis.



Someone who provides reinforcement for verbal behavior.


Local Response Rate

The average rate of response during a smaller period of time within a larger period for which an overall response rate has been given