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Habituation (adjustment) occurs when a person's repertoire has been changed such that short-and-long-term reinforcers are maximized and short-and-long-term punishers are minimized.


Habit reversal

A multiple-component treatment package for reducing unwanted habits such as fingernail biting and muscle tics; treatment typically includes self-awareness training involving response detection and procedures for identifying events that precede and trigger the response; competing response training; and motivation techniques including self-administered consequences, social support systems, and procedures for promoting the generalization and maintenance of treatment gains.



A decrease in responsiveness to repeated presentations of a stimulus; most often used to describe a reduction of respondent behavior as a function of repeated presentation of the eliciting stimulus over a short span of time; some researchers suggest that the concept also applies to within-session changes in operant behavior.


Hallway time-out

A procedure for implementing time-out in which, contingent on the occurrence of an inappropriate behavior, the student is removed from the classroom to a hallway location near the room for a specified period of time.


Hero procedure

Another term for a dependent group contingency


High-probability (high-p) request sequence

An antecedent intervention in which two to five easy tasks with a known history of learner compliance (the high-p requests) are presented in quick succession immediately before requesting the target task, the low-p request.


Higher order conditioning

Development of a conditioned reflex by pairing of a neutral stimulus (NS) with a conditioned stimulus (CS).


History of reinforcement

An inclusive term referring in general to all of a person's learning experiences and more specifically to past conditioning with respect to particular response classes or aspects of a person's repertoire.


Hypothetical construct

A presumed but unobserved process or entity