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Department members will notify who when aware of the need to execute a high risk arrest warrant?

SWAT commander


What are the four approved restraining devices?

handcuffs, flex cuffs, ripp hobble restraint, leg-cuffs


To prevent positional asphyxiation sworn members shall not place or leave persons in custody in a what position for an extended period of time?



Unless exigent circumstances exist, department sworn members will not handcuff a prisoner to what?

a fixed object


Can prisoners be handcuffed to one another?



Can prisoners be handcuffed to a department member?

No, never


Detention facilities will not accept prisoner property in excess of what?

an average sized suitcase or bag


If prisoner property has to be placed in property at GPD, what shall the department member do?

prisoner will sign a prisoner property notification form before member leaves the jail or document why the did or couldn't sign, leave a copy of the from with the prisoner's property at the jaili


Members delivering persons in custody to the jail shall identify, describe, inventory, and document in the report items of value and/or prescription medications left with the detainee. What is considered an item of value?

value over $200


For a criminal traffic citation what shall be pulled and written on the citation?

case report number


When a person is arrested only for misdemeanor criminal traffic charges, the citations may serve as what?

the arrest documents ( no mittimus needed)


When a person is arrested from criminal traffic charges and for a felony or misdemeanor or city ordinance violations, then all charges shall be listed in the charge section of what?

the mittimus


Court dates for what type traffic charges are NOT set by the arresting member?

felony traffic


When will an NTA NOT be issued?

accused fails to identify themselves or their identity cannot be confirmed, accused refuses to sign citation and provide fingerprint, member believes that the continued liberty of the accused constitutes a reasonable risk of bodily injury to themselves or others, member believes accused may have a warrant, the accused has FTA in history, crime involves a charge of domestic violence


What copies of a criminal traffic citation should have a right thumb impression of offender?

reverse of the original copy and the officer's copy (pink)


Department members within how many hours will notify the Alachua County Office of the Superintendent of Schools or other jurisidictional school board whenever a school board employee is charged with a felony, a misdemeanor involving the abuse of a minor, or sale/possession of a controlled substance?

48 hours (investigating officer shall complete an Employee School Board Notification form)


What are the included educational institutions for school board notification?

FLorida School for the Deaf and BLind, university development research schools, and private elementary and secondary schools


When a current enrolled UF student is arrested by GPD , members should included what in the documentation and what form needs to be submitted to Student Judicial Affairs?

Student ID number and UF Conduct and Conflict Form


Is it required to identify UF students as such in an incident report or NTA for drug and alcohol arrests?



Who forwards reports involving drug and alcohol arrest related to UF students to UF?



Reports can be held longer than the end of the employee's workday if supervisor approves it but should be submitted when?

within 24 hours (general order says Supervisors shall now allow reports to be held more than 24 hours. Pretty sure a typo and it should say NOT instead of NOW)


When is a report not required?

only charging document is a traffic citation or a NTA exception


If handcuffs, or other approved physical restraints are used during the arrest the member will document this on the charging document. True or False



The department will abide by the objective reasonable standard as defined by what case law for each and every lawful application of force?

Graham v Conner, 490 US 386 (1989)


What is a member's responsibility for use of force?

notify supervisor, ensure medical attention is given, remain at the scene for serious or life threatening injuries until the supervisor responds (unless exigent circumstances exist), complete a report or supplement


Can a department member view any department generated video prior to completing a report that includes the circumstances of the use of force?

yes, except in deadly force (deadly force the member can only view their own video)


Incident report including use of force must be written by when?

within 24 hours


When deadly force is used a on duty shift commander must respond immediately and do what?

secure it, make the appropriate notifications, coordinate with FDLE supervisor, initiate a preliminary field investigation, contact CID commander, contact assigned investigators, assist the involved members, issue a replacement firearm asap, ensure prelim report is completed by the end of shift and forwarded to Chief and all investigating parties, confirm use of force summary is initiated


In a deadly force incident what is the operations commander's responsibility?

to notify FDLE and make a request for the Officer Involved Shooting team to respond


When non-deadly force is used how long does the supervisor have to complete the Use of Force summary?

15 calendar days