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Within how many days from ratification will the city deduct dues for the FOP?

30 days


Dues deduction authorization may be revoked upon what?

30 days written notice


According to the contract, the concerted stoppage of work, absence of employees, failure to report for work, submission of resignations is called what?

a strike


Any employee that is discharged in accordance with the contract or State of Florida Collective Bargaining statute shall if appointed, reappointed, employed, or reemployed by the city serve a how many month probationary period?

6 months


In the event of a strike, if the FOP determines their members are involved, what must they do?

within 24 hours verbally, and if possible, in writing order employees back to work and provide a copy of order to the City within 24 hours


A written list of the FOP representatives or changes to the list of representatives shall be forwarded to who prior to assuming FOP duties?

Chief of Police and the City's HR Director


Up to how many FOP representatives are allowed?



FOP representatives are allowed to speak with employees on property during what time?

Before or after regular work hours and lunch breaks


FOP representatives must complete this for their employment prior to serving as a representative?

Probationary period


Employees cannot function as FOP representatives during these times

Leave of absence without pay, sick leave, receiving worker's comp benefits


Handling or adjustment grievances shall be conducted when?

during non-working hours unless management decides to hold a grievance hearing during normal work hours


How many employees at one time may be granted time of by the Chief of Police to attend FOP business?



How many hours will the city donate each year to FOP pool time and do they carry over?

200 hours and they do not carry over from year to year


Time donations can be made when and shall be in what increments?

April 1 and October 1 and shall not be less than 3 hours or more than 48 hours


Charges against FOP Pool time must be approved by who?

The Chair, Executive chair, or Membership Vice Chair of the FOP


Who keeps a record of the donated time?

FOP and Police Department


Does city or employee donated time get used first?

Employee time (can be carried over from year to year)


FOP at its own expense can place a bulletin board at a mutually agreed upon location. What size can it be?

Not to exceed 4 feet by 3 feet


What can be on an FOP bulletin board?

FOP literature, notice of FOP meetings, FOP elections, Reports of FOP committees, FOP functions, Notices by public bodies, other approved material


Will the city allow posting to an electronic bulletin board?



Prior to posting all material what must happen?

signed by elected FOP officer and submitted to HR director or designee for his/her signature. as well as sent to the chief of police or designee


Information posted in the information book is at the discretion of the chief of police and is limited to what?

1 page


What is a claim reasonably and suitably founded concerning the alleged violation of the interpretation and/or application of the express provisions of this agreement?

A grievance


How long does an employee have to bring a grievance forward?

10 days from the knowledge of the occurrence


A grievance not advanced to the higher step within the time limit provided is considered what?



Failure on the part of the employer to respond to a grievance within the allotted time frame allows the employee to do what?

Advance to the next step in the grievance process


What days are not counted when computing time limits in the grievance process?

Saturdays, Sundays, and city-designated holidays unless it specifies calendar days


Settlement of a grievance with a retroactive adjustment shall be limited to how many days as long as it doesn't include compensation?

10 days


A written grievance should include the following:

a complete statement of the grievance and facts upon which it is based, sections of the contract violated, and the remedy requested


A grievance that is general in nature in that it applies to a number of members rather than a single members and those members work for more than one sergeant, the grievance should be presented to who?

The Chief of Police (step 2)