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What can transform a marginal or inept organization into a successful one?

effective leadership


What type of supervisor provides officers with a clear sense of purpose that can be translated as the vision provides guidance to the future, the mission describes the intent of the organization, and goals provide a framework for achievement?

effective supervisor


Leadership does not just happen it must what?

be cultivated and nurtured


Who is optimistic and confronts adversity with persistence and consistency, overcomes obstacles and strives to establish a strong organizational culture, networks with others, works at creating open, candid, trusting relationships, uses morals and ethical values when confronting difficult issues, able to convert past experiences into positive input, and possesses the capacity to visualize a desired future?

a true leader


What can happen as a result of an incompetent supervisor?

dampen enthusiasm and constrict even those who are highly motivated


The shift from being a follower to becoming an effective supervisor means transitioning from reliance on knowledge, methods, and techniques that dominated work in a line position and allowed performance on specific operations tasks must now be shifted to a greater consideration of what?

human and conceptual skills


An effective supervisor must develop the ability to understand why people behave as they do and work toward developing an effective means of what?

changing, directing, and controlling behavior


In a Florida study the percentage of personnel working in administrative positions ranged for percentage?



What happens when leadership is missing?

organization is generally ineffective, problems develop that are seldom resolved, chaos is likely to occur


What happens when there is positive leadership?

operational tasks are completed and objectives are obtained


It has been suggested that there is a possibility that effective leaders may be those who constantly strive toward self-improvement. True or False



What has emphasized the critical roles of leaders should assume in order to deal with organizational environment and with the continuing and constantly changing demands of the community, views trust as a by-product of integrity and ethical conduct that will be a cooperative working environment, and fosters openness, fairness, sincerity, and provides involvement for everyone?

Total quality management (TQM)


What are the four critical task identified by TQM that skilled leaders need to carryout in a high performance organization?

permits decisions to be made at the appropriate organizational level, builds trust and openness, empowers others, creates a vision and communicates it to everyone in the organization


What are vital by products of positive interactions between the supervisor and the line officers?

trust and openness


When motivation is heightened and a supervisor challenges followers by empowering officers to become involved in the decision making process and allows them to be engaged in a continuing learning process?

leads to a vision of excellence as values are shared and renewed energy is directed towards goal attainment


What happens when motivation is heightened?

leads to positive trade-offs such as openness and enhanced confidence


What is the process of influencing group activities toward the achievement of goals and also recognized as the process of influencing that can include such activities as telling, selling, ordering, coaching, joining, or consulting, and operates from a position of power based on the authority delegated to the supervisor?



A first line supervisor is no longer a primarily doer, but a coordinator of others' activities. True or False



What rule should the supervisor comply with?

50% rule - supervisors should spend half their time managing others instead of just being another employee


What are the power sources?

reward, coercive, legitimate, referent, and expert


What are the tools a first line supervisor can use to extend power when dealing with others?

persuasion, patience, gentleness, teachableness, openness, consistency, and integrity


A supervisor's perspective should be based on what?

accurately acquired information about each officer, including awareness of goals, values desires, and intentions


A supervisor should constantly strive for control that can only be interpreted as what?

fair, impartial, and non manipulative


What is coercive power based on?

fear and on the ability of the supervisor to administer some type of punishment


The department is an organization with a clearly defined hierarchy of what?



Integrity is a technique resulting from the extension of what?



Can coercive power be applied without taking formal disciplinary action, such as giving an officer an undesirable work assignment or enacting a closer supervisory pattern?



Subordinates will respond to expert supervisors who possess this greater amount of knowledge, knowing that it ensures the successful completion of tasks. True or False



What does a knowledgeable supervisor demonstrate?

the ability to implement, analyze, evaluate, and control situations and to resolve problems that are readily accepted


Is expert power extremely narrow in scope?