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Realpolitik definition

politics or diplomacy based primarily on considerations of power and on practical and material factors, rather than explicit ideological notions or moral or ethical premises


Realpolitik example

WW2 Britain and America, democratic countries  allied with the communist USSR to defeat Nazi Germany,



the ability to affect others to get what you want


Power seduction is



Technique behind soft power

You have to convince people to think something


Power is

Very broad in the Information Age, and two way communications are very useful


Information is plentiful but...

Attention and Credibility is hard to get


People now

Invest in relationships


In hard power

It doesn't matter what somebody thinks


Soft power leaves out

the original foreign policy methods such as carrot or stick


Soft power was developed by

Joseph Nye


Soft power is the....

ability to persuade and attract, It works as a method of magnetism, as a result of becoming admired, trusted, liked, or respected. It relies on putting thoughts into a person's head and to leave them alone with that thought. This is why people believe in its effectiveness, and the persuasion behind it


People confuse soft power with

influence, influence does include having an important effect on something. However, it relies more heavily on Hard Power than Soft.


Soft power like most techniques is

not exclusive for government use. Even though this is the case, it takes a key role in government leadership because it entails attraction through use of power.


Where has the British government been involved is soft power?

as part of the “Government’s National Security Strategy and Strategic Defence and Security Review.” The British government invested over £85 million into global Soft Power.


What is different about hard power

You have to leave a person with a thought in soft, in addition, Hard power describes approaches to political relations, mainly within a military context.


How is soft power ranked

The Soft Power 30 ranks countries worldwide based on who is the most soft powerful. They poll 7000 people across 20 countries


Mackinder believed....

Whoever rules East Europe, will rule Heartland, Whoever rules the Heartland, will rule the World Island.” Whoever rules the World Island, will rule the world.”


Spykman though that the heartland could not be Europe's hub because

Western Russia was then an agrarian society, Bases of industrialization were found to the west of the Ural mountains.
This area is ringed to the north, east, south, and south-west by some of the greater obstacles to transportation (ice and freezing temperature, lowering mountains etc.). There has never really been a simple land power–sea power opposition.


Groups of the clash of civilisations

West, Islam, Orthodox, Chinese, Hindu, Japan, Latin America, Africa


What is the clash of civilisations

A hypothesis that describes people's cultural and religious identities being the primary source of conflict in the post Cold War world


According to the COC, how many parts was the world divided into during the Cold War



What did the COC say about cultural lines

Because of these cultural lines, the Soviet Union would separate as well as Yugoslavia. Other groups like the nation state other countries would align based on the similarities in cultures


What did the COC estimate?

There would be an Islamic conflict that wouldn't be major, democracy and capitalism would bring harmony, that China would want hegemonic power, and that there would be millions of new immigrants.


When was the COC written?

In 1996 by Huntington


What did the COC say about the west

Western society is interesting, different individual, modernising the world. Western vs modernisation, people wish to be modern, modern tech, modern science, doesn't mean they may want to support western culture. Separation is hard here but some countries such as Japan divide in this way. Modern but not completely Western
People think of western as fast food, superficial, fashion