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What is globalisation

Globalisation is the growing connections between countries. People in one country are connected to those in another many different ways



Transnational corporations - companies that operate in two or more countries. Nike Bt


Human factors of why TNCs have invested in asia

Large population to be workers
Good education system so people are educated
Speak English
Goverment supports investment from other countries
Good relationships with other countries


Physical factors of why TNCs invest in Asia

Good location near other countries for trade
Close to coast - easy to transport goods via ship
Doesn’t not suffer from natural hazard ( volcanoes)


Human advantages of impacts of TNCs

People in developing countries are given job opportunities
TNCs help a country develop as the wages get spent in the local area and improves wealth.
TNCs often invest in health or other facilities that improve lives


Human disadvantages of impacts of TNCs

Working conditions are not always very good.people work very long hours in poor conditions
There may be accidents as health and safety laws arnt good


Environmental advantages about the impacts of TNCS

Investment in a developing country might improve the natural environment


Environmental disadvantages of impacts of TNCs

Most products are now shipped from overseas and Thai increases co2 emissions
Sometimes there is conflict over natural resources in developing countries such as water


Advantages of globalisation in Asia

Improvements in standards of living
Job opportunities in new types of industry
Investments from TNCs improve infrastructure (road,airports,energy)


Disadvantages of globalisation in Asia

Loss of individual culture
Exploitation of workers
Environmental damage
Over reliance on TNCs - if they leave country suffers


Advantages of glaobalisation in the rest of the world

Wide range of cheap goods are now available
Improved international relations between countries


Disadvantages of Impacts of globalisation in the rest of the world

Job losses in developed countries
Some countries are left out of investments from TNCs
Increased climate change from transport goods worldwide