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What are tectonic plates

ting Tectonic plates are floating on the semi molten layer of rock in the magma. Convection currents within the mantle cause the plates to move


Destructive plate boundary

When two plates move towards each other one sinks ( is subducted) below the other one. Volcanoes and earthquake are found here


How do plates move

1. This causes the tectonic plates to move constantly - either towards or away from one another
2.heat from the core causes convection currents in the mantle where the heated rock rises towards the crust
3. The mantle is a semi - molten layer of rock on which the tectonic plates are floating


Why do some places suffer more severe impacts from earthquakes from others ?

Some counties are more developed
•buildings are more strong
•emergency services are better
•earlier warning systems and drills
•better aftermath facilities