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laptop computer

A portable computer used by an individual user.


Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP)

A TCP/IP tunneling protocol.


layer 3 switch

A device that routes packets between different TCP/IP networks.


layer 4 switch

A device used to route packets to destinations based on TCP and UDP port numbers.


layer 4-7 switch

A device that routes packets to destinations based on their internal content.


least privilege

The concept where an individual user should have the lowest privilege possible that will still enable them to perform their tasks.


Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)

A TCP/IP application layer protocol used as a directory service for people and computing resources.



Layer 1 of the TCP/IP network model. The purpose of the link layer is the delivery of messages (usually called frames) from one station to another on a local network. See also TCP/IP network model.


local area network (LAN)

A network that connects computers and devices together in a small building or a residence.


logic bomb

A set of instructions that is designed to perform some damaging action when a specific event occurs; a popular example is a time bomb that alters or destroys data on a specified date in the future.


logical network architecture

The part of network architecture concerned with the depiction of network communications at a local, campus, regional, and global level.


loopback address

The IP address (or any other address in the entire 127 ad- dress block). A packet sent to a loopback address is sent to the station that originated it.