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uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

A system that filters the incoming power of spikes and other noise and supplies power for short periods through a bank of batteries.


universal disk format (UDF)

A optical media file system considered a replacement
for ISO 9660. See also ISO 9660, file system.


universal mobile telecommunications system (UMTS)

An airlink standard for wire-
less communications between mobile devices and base stations.


Universal Serial Bus (USB)

An external bus technology used to connect computers to peripherals such as mice, keyboards, storage devices, printers, scanners, cameras, and network adaptors. However, the USB specification indeed contains full networking ca- pabilities, facilitated through the use of a USB hub.


Unix file system (UFS)

A file system used by many Unix operating systems. See also file system.


unshielded twisted pair (UTP)

A type of twisted-pair cable where there is no shield- ing—just four pairs of twisted conductors and the outer protective jacket. See also twist- ed-pair cable.



A business or customer who uses an information system.


user acceptance testing (UAT)

The portion of software testing where end users test
software programs for correct functional operation and usability.


user datagram protocol (UDP)

The connectionless protocol used in the TCP/IP suite of protocols used to transport messages from one station to another over a network.


user ID

An identifier that is created by a system manager and issued to a user for the purpose of identification or authentication.


utility software

The broad class of programs that support the development or use of networks, systems, and applications. Utility software is most often used by IT special- ists whose responsibilities include some aspect of system development, support, or operations.