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When should Auto-PDC be switched off before a runway end change?

Approximately 30 minutes beforehand


When can the EFPS 'Request Code' be used?

1.) When a flights SSR code is removed after a delay, and following an EOBT update, no SSR is shown
2.) Following SSR code saturation


When can you transfer an aircraft early on its TSAT?

0700-2200 local - 5 minutes
2200-0700 local - 10 minutes


What do you if an aircraft states they can't comply with the minimum climb out gradient?

Inform TC Heathrow (SVFR) and the appropriate outbound sector with the callsign and ETD.


If there is full ILS TEAM happening on 27L what do you need to do as the GMP controller?

Ask every T4 departure if they can accept S3/SB3 for departure and if they cannot then cross highlight the FDE before transferring it to GMC


What departures would you expect aircraft to fly when departing to; EGGW/SS/SC/SH/WU/HH/HI/KB/LC/MC/KK and the Farnborough Clutch?

Farnborough Clutch - CPT


What are the Farnborough Clutch airports?

Farnborough (LF)
Blackbushe (LK)
Fairoaks (TF)
Lasham (HL)
Oldiham (VO)
Dunsfold (TD)


What is an ADT?

Approved Departure Time - usually given by TC GS A with regards to inter LTMA flights. The aircraft subject to this should depart + - 5 minutes to this time


What would you do if a departure to an inter LTMA airfield wishes to depart low level?

Co-ordinate with TC SVFR (subject to it being acceptable for the aircraft and TC GS A) not above 2,400ft and it will be subject TC SVFR. The SID box should be blank in these cases.


When a helicopter books out what do you need to do before start up?

GMP will need to create an FDE and pass on the following to TC SVFR:

Callsign, type, Destination, route, zone exit point, flight rules

TC SVFR will pass on an SSR code and any level/route restrictions.

Zone clearance should be passed onto the helicopter and RSR added to the remarks. (add direction of H9 if applicable)

" cleared to leave the London control zone via Northwood, routing H9 northbound, SOA, VFR, 7030"


What departure are subject to release by TC SVFR on easterlies?

A340-200/300 and A380 CPT departures


What is the procedure for when a pilot informs you that they wish to RET?

Controllers must select RET on the FDE. If they require to cross a runway then the pilot must be informed that RET isn't available.


What are ARDS, ADI and MDI?

ARDS - Airfield Reasonable Departure Spacing
ADI - Average Departure Interval (1 per 5 means you can have a 4 minute gap followed by 6 minute gap)
MDI - Minimum Departure Interval