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What are the Runway dimensions, including TORA and LDA?

27L TORA - 3658 - LDA - 3658
27R TORA - 3882 - LDA - 3882
09L TORA - 3901 - LDA - 3592
09R TORA - 3658 - LDA - 3350

Runway width 50m


What is the criteria for the Westerly preference?

Tailwind does not exceed 5kts, Runway is dry and crosswind does not exceed 12kts


What is the night time Runway alternation period?

Last departure until 0600


Prior to a Runway end change, what must you as the departure controller co-ordinate?

Co-ordinate the last 3 departures, including SIDS, with the VCR Sup and TC INT N


After an Runway end change from Westerly's to Easterly's, what aircraft types must be co-ordinated and who with?

VCR Supervisor must co-ordinate any A340-200/A380 CPT departures with TC SVFR


Who are able to open and close a runway?

Not limit to but Checker, Seagull, Phoenix and Ops 3/4


What is an infringing disabled object?

Any disabled, stationary piece of equipment, aircraft or vehicle, which is located such that any part of the obstacle is either: the runway side of the active Runway Holding Point of the relevant exit or in a grass area adjacent to the runway


What happens if you have a disabled obstacle <75m from the runway centre line?

No take offs or landings unless the airport declare a reduced distance (white TOI required)


What happens if you have a disabled obstacle between 75m and 107.5m from the runway centre line?

The runway may be suitable for non-instrument departures only


What are the restrictions if a non-instrument runway is declared?

Departures only, ILS and approach lights switched off, aircraft must be warned of the position/type of obstruction (R/T or ATIS) and arrival ATIS must include (Runway not available for landing)


What happens if you have a disabled obstacle between 107.5 and 137m from the runway centre line?

The runway may be suitable for CAT I arrivals and departures


What are the restrictions if a runway is declared CAT I?

Aircraft must be warned of the position/type of obstruction (R/T or ATIS), no CAT III approaches, when MET conditions require CAT III holds in use no CAT I approaches or departures permitted


If a runway has been declared CAT I but not CAT I holding point exists, what happens?

ASD will either place a barrier or vehicle no closer than 75m or 107.5m from the runway, depending on mode of operation. The vehicle must be in 2 way communication with air, ASD will accept responsibility for vehicle movements between obstacle and taxiway and will ensure the obstacle does not move towards the runway


What conditions is the night alternation subject to?

Tailwind does not exceed 5kts, runway dry, crosswind component does not exceed 12kts


What is the night quota period and what happens if an aircraft wishes to depart within that time?

2330-0600 and AODM has authority


What happens with unscheduled arrivals during the night quota period?

These are monitored by AODM and the VCR will be notified.


What is the process for accepted arrivals prior to 0602?

Prior to 0030 each day the AODM shall send the VCR a list of approved aircraft and this must be passed onto TC Heathrow during the 0345 call.


When are closed runways during the night normally handed back?

No later than 0530 and if there's any change then AfDM shall advise this on the 0400 HOEC


On westerly operations, who are exempt from requiring AfDM approval to depart on the landing runway?

Propeller aircraft <5,700g MTOW, CAT D and above flights and flights requiring full length if the departure runway is unavailable for a full length departure


What aircraft are exempt from requiring AfDM approval to land on the departure runway?

Propeller aircraft <5,700g MTOW


What is the criteria required for TEAM between 0600-0700 local and then after 0700?

0600-0629 - Delay 10mins or more
0630-0730 - Delay 5mins or more

After 0700, if the TC GS A forecasts that the airborne delay at any time during the next 2 hours to exceed 20 minutes then TEAM may be requested


What is guaranteed TEAM?

If airborne delay is forecast to exceed 20 minutes at anytime time between 0700-1200, the TC OS will request guaranteed TEAM.

0700-0900 - at least 8
0900-1200 - at least 6


Who can approve TEAM and what are the restrictions?

VCR Sup will seek approval from the AODM.

After 0700 local the maximum number of aircraft that can TEAM in 1 hour shall not exceed 6

The VCR Sup is the final arbitrator


When may the VCR Supervisor offer RNAV/LOC DME approaches to 27L (departure runway)?

DME is serviceable and Glide path switched off

Pilots are unlikely to accept this if the visibility is below 4000m and/or cloud ceiling less than 700ft


What would you do if you had a request for a training or test flight?

All training and test flights are to be referred to the AODM


What must be done by the VCR Supervisor when the departure runway is unavailable for landing?

VCR Supervisor must put on the ATIS 'Runway xxx is not available for landing'


What exception is there with regards to an opposite direction runway movement?

The exception is CAT A/AGL flight checks otherwise a full runway change must be completed


What happens if there is an emergency inbound requiring to use the opposite direction runway?

TC GS A will agree with the VCR Supervisor which runway to use. INT N/S will inform Air Departures when to suspend departures. If it's a short notice return Air Departures will co-ordinate with INT N/S and they will pass instructions to ensure radar separation.

Arrivals will be suspended or re-positioned by TC. TC FIN will pass appropriate instructions to Air Arrivals should it be short notice.


What's the difference between 'vacate runway' and 'expedite runway' during a surface inspection?

When using 'vacate' the vehicle will vacate in a controlled manner at the next available exit, continuing at their normal speed and maintaining their inspection standard.

When using 'expedite' the vehicle should exit immediately and expeditiously, possibly onto a grass area, past the appropriate CAT I/III holds.


What are the recommended times for routine runway inspections?

0900-1000 and 1500-1600 local all year round