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When can you omit your callsign ident with an inbound/overflight, outbound and a vehicle?

Inbound/Overflight - When the ATM is serviceable, the aircraft has been identified prior to the transfer of communication and SSR code has been validated and there is no other reason to suspect confusion.

Outbound - An FDE exists for the flight and no confusion.

Vehicle - The callsign of the vehicle is one of the approved RT vehicle callsigns and no confusion exists.


When must you annotate an FDE with a clearance limit etc.

1.) Direction of push
2.) When handing over to another position
3.) Co-ordination
4.) When handing over the operational position
5.) To assist LPO when requested
6.) To add information that'll affect the subsequent controller but delete anything no longer relevant.
7.) When clearance limits are being used to separate aircraft
8.) When any aircraft is being held tactically
9.) Clearance limits must be removed/updated.


What is the procedure for an inbound 8.33kHz exempt aircraft?

TC GS A will inform the VCR Supervisor who will then in turn ask the relevant Air controller to cross couple 124.475kHz and advise the Air controller of the missed approach frequency.

833 exempt must be annotated on FDE.

Leader vehicle will meet the aircraft once landed.

The Air controller can deselect the frequency once the aircraft has parked.


What is the procedure for an outbound 8.33kHz exempt aircraft?

If the aircraft is unable to receive a PDC then the VCR Supervisor will pass the clearance via telephone and instruct the aircraft to monitor 124.475kHz.

Advise GS A and ascertain the departure frequency.

Instruct Air Controller to cross couple 124.475kHz.

Request a leader vehicle and annotate FDE with 833 exempt.

The Air controller can deselect the frequency 5 minutes after departure.


What happens if there's an 8.33kHz exempt aircraft but 124.475kHz is unavailable?

If it's already in use then try to release it however if that's not possible or it's out of service then inform TC GS A that Heathrow cannot accept these aircraft.