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public value system

looking for social and intangible benefits


private value system

looking for financial returns


public constraints

1. bureaucracy
2. accountability
3. transparency = slower process


public constraints

1. entrepreneurial
2. confidential
3. fast acting


other constraints

1. public investment in private economy
2. government gives land to promote private development
3. priming the pump


incentives for private sector to work with the public

1. Access to land: Land owned by government and the ability to acquire land
2. Low-cost development capital: Public can borrow money at a much lower interest rate
3. Zoning and permits: Can expedite the process
4. Tax incentives: Low or no property tax payments.


incentives for public to work with private

1. Management expertise: Technical expertise, marketing,
2. Reduced labour costs: Often not unionized like city employees, offer less fringe benefits
3. Adaptability to scale of service: Can access large numbers of part time employees for short periods, purchase equipment less expensively due to economies of scale
4. Reduced liability risks: Transfer liability risks to private entity


public sector leasing

public entity owns facility and leases to private party
- buyout clauses
- conditions


leaseback arrangement

1. public leases back from commercial sector
2. has access to equipment and facilities without upfront fees


public sector takeovers

1. public takes over private facility
2. justifies where the assists would otherwise disappear or sport and rec opportunities are not provided
3. can allow public purchase of assets at reduced price


private sector pump-priming

1. developer encourages public expenditure so facility drives up demand and property value
2. developer gets rid of tax burden on land = increase other development
3. public gets free land to build course


expansion of existing public facilities

1. private business invests funds for renovations, improvements or expansion
2. must ensure the construction is up to agency standard


multiparty arrangement

1. Quasi- government agency created to govern partnership
2. usually special authority or commission