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What are the 3 parts of oresteia



What are choephoris

Sermon priestesses


What did Aeschylus introduce with the number of actors

2 actors would speak instead of one



Device used to roll out people from the skene so that it would come out to the audience



Crane used to carry people and depict them as gods flying down from the heavens


Plot of oresteia

Agamemnon is returning home. His wife, clytemnestra plans to murder him for sacrificing their daughter to Artemis, so that Agamemnons ships could sail to Troy, and also she has entered a relationship with Aegisthus, Agamemnons cousin, while Agamemnon was away for 10 years. Agamemnon returns home, and his wife kills him in their house. Cassandra, the daughter of the Trojan king who was brought by Agamemnon as a slave, is then also killed by Clytemnestra. Aegisthus is now King. The chorus assures that Orestes, Agamemnons son, will avenge his father. Orestes arrives at his fathers grave with his cousin pylades. Orestes' sister, Electra, arrives at the gravesite as well. Orestes and Electra plan to kill Clytemnestra and Aegisthus. Orestes and pylades go to the kingdom and pretend to be travelers. When they meet Aegisthus, Orestes kills him. Clytemnestra then appears after hearing Aegisthus scream, and Orestes then kills her. The furies then torment Orestes for the two killings he committed. Athena then calls for a trial of Orestes to see if he should be guilty or not for the murder. The 12 gods vote, and it is a tie, resulting in Orestes being acquitted.


What did Aeschylus believe about human suffering

It is traced to human foolishness or evil acts.


Who is called the greatest Greek tragedian



What are some things that Sophocles did with his plays

Utilized exits and entrances for dramatic impact
Mastered the tragic moment
Human blindness to truth
Truth in dreams


Who is the first to use female roles in their plays



Who wrote Hecuba



Father of history



Father of philosophy



The shadow painter



Parts of a theater

Theatron (where the audience sat)
Orkhestra (where the chorus danced and sung)
Proskenion (part of the theater infront of the curtain)
Skene (backdrop; part of the stage)


Who wrote Medea



Plot of Medea

Jason plans on marrying glauce, daughter of creon, king of Corinth. Medea is extremely mad. She meets with aegeus, King of Athens. He explains that his wife cannot bear children. Medea gives him medicine so his wife can have kids, in exchange for him letting her stay in Athens. Medea poisons a robe and a coronet. She goes to Jason, and tells him to give the robes to glauce (Jason didn't know they were poisoned), in hopes she can lift the exile that creon was going to do to her. He tells his two kids to deliver them to glauce. Glauce wears the robe, and does because of the poison. Creon goes to try and help glauce, and touches the robes thus getting poisoned and dies. Medea then also kills her two sons when they return to try and hurt Jason. Jason goes to Medea and discovers his two children have been killed. Medea then rides away in a chariot with the two corpses and rides away to Athens.


Who wrote Hecuba



Plot of Hecuba

Polydorus was sent to Thrace to King polymestor. He arrived with gifts of gold and jewelry. Troy old the war and then polymestor killed polydorus and took the treasures. Hecuba finds out that her daughter, polyxena, is going to be offered as a sacrifice for Achilles' death. Odysseus brings her up to be killed. Hecuba sends a slave to get water from the seashore to clean polyxena's body. There polydorus' (hecubas son) body is discovered, and Hecuba is completely heartbroken. She wants revenge on polymestor. She pretends she doesn't know polydorus is dead, and tells polymestor to tell polydorus where the treasures of Troy are. She them tells polymestor she has more riches, and polymestor goes to her with his two sons. Hecuba gathers slaves, and they kill polymestors sons, and Hecuba stabs polymestors eyes out. A trial begins to see of hecubas actions were justified. Agamemnon decides that her revenge was justified, and polymestor curses Hecuba saying she will drown, and Agamemnon saying his wife, Clytemnestra will kill him.


Who wrote the Oedipus plays



Plot of the Oedipus plays

King Laius, upon trying to avoid a prophecy, left his son, Oedipus, to die on a mountainside. Oedipus was found and raised by King polybus and queen Merope. Oedipus hear doc the prophecy that Laius tried avoiding, but thought the oracle said Oedipus was fated to kill polybus and marry Merope. Oedipus ends up leaving Corinth to go to Thebes. Along the way, he sees a man and they get into a fight. Oedipus ends up killing the man. In Thebes, it is heard that King Laius was killed. Oedipus solves the riddle of a sphinx to enter the city, and wins the crown. He is now married to queen Jocasta. Jocasta eventually finds out that she married her son, and she hangs herself. Oedipus finds out everything as well and stabs his eyes out. Oedipus is driven to exile and eventually does in colony's in Athens.


Why did the Peloponnesian start?

Sparta thought that Athens was becoming too strong.


Who did Sparta ask for help to beat Athens

The Persians


Who fought in the battle of leuctra

Sparta v. Thebes


Who wins the battle of leuctra



Which power rises after the battle of leuctra

The Macedonians


Who is King of the Macedonians

King Philip


What weapon did King Philip create

The sariss (a 16 ft. Spear)


Who fought in the Battle of chaeronea and how many soldiers were in each side

Athens + Thebes (50,000 soldiers)
Macedonia (30,000 soldiers)


Who won the battle of chaeronea

The Macedonians