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Venetian art

Poesie (poem in art)


Renaissance art vs. mannerism art

Renaissance: rediscovery of Classical Greek philosophy. Man as a measure of all things.

Mannerism: Artificiality, grace, and elegance took priority over the ordered gala deans lifelike references in mannerism art as opposed to Renaissance art


Why was David an appropriate emblem for Florence

David was a small shepherd boy who confronted and killed a big strong Goliath. Emotional power of his facial expression was very much liked. Right over might. Florentines just fought a battle and faced political and military pressure


Characteristics of mannerism

Dreamy expressions


Evolution of St. Peter's basilica plans

First built by Constantine. Imperial Roman basilica flanked by two aisles and an apse. Later a transept was added to make room for more people.
Pope Julius II pulls down the building. Architect Bramante dies and Michelangelo steps in. Greek cross plan. Dome is completed. More space is needed and an older look is wanted. Carlo madero builds a nave and a facade


Market for religious art lost in Protestant countries

Protestants believed that there was excessive veneration of idols


Controversy of cleaning michelangelos in Sistine chapel

Incense and torches burned and caused smoke to rise and dirtied the painting. Some say the cleaning removed a protective layer that would allow the atmosphere to damage it. Others say Michelangelo knew what the smoke would do and it removed his artistic genius


Elements and characteristics of the isenheim altar piece

Open mouth, blue lips, friends and reds of the body indicate death and decomposition