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The three "Gregorys" of History

- Volks Katholizismus
- Papal Bureaucrat and Autocrat
- Spiritual Prototype and Progenitor


1. The Medieval Volks Katholizismus

Author of the Dialogi (dialogues Benedict of Nursia), which was very inaccurate
He collected relics
He was very superstitious and created enthusiasm for relics
Disciple of Benedict
Liberal, Roman scholar, patrician, known for great learning


2. The Papal Bureaucrat and Autocrat

Relentless organizer and hard worker
Pastor of church
Able to influence because of learning
He transformed institution
Very zealous
Suppressor of heresy
Cheerful unless heresy was mentioned
Standard of orthodoxy during 13 years he was a pastor


3. Spiritual Prototype and Progenitor

Lived a life of Monastic asceticism
Zealous evangelist - sent missionaries to Kent because....
Supposedly heard about the Angles and misinterpreted the word to be Angels
Tireless liturgical reformer, established prevailing pattern of worship


Accomplishments of Gregory

The Church

The Papacy

The Liturgy


Gregory's accomplishments in the Church

-After the confusion of the Roman world, Gregory brought back piety, spirituality, prayer and devotion to the church
-Gregory was able to restore the Church's tradition
-Gregory brought new emphasis to pastors, before pastors were not powerful and unqualified, but G turned this around


Gregory's accomplishments in the Papacy

Gregory was one of the first great reformers
He brought new autonomy and authority
The Church of Rome grew in power
Gregory was the first citizen of Christendom
He killed the secular void left by the wars
He made papacy the center of spirituality
He established patterns for history
Created the idea that the pope is the head of the church


Gregory's accomplishments in the liturgy

Gregory had great influence over worship
He brought truth into worship
He established an order of worship
Before...mixed cultural norms, whatever people liked aimed at God, but Gregory said that God is unchanging so He should be approached in the same manner during worship
Utilized Benedict of Nursia's ideas and established a regular pattern of worship
Restored Biblical content to worship, because often the Bible wasn't used enough
He emphasized that art should be incorporated into worship
Emphasized the Psalms in worship



Born into an aristocratic family
Became a monk and then a pope
eventually became bishop of Rome
Born in 540 and died in 604
Father of modern papacy



Farm owned by wealthy farmers



Born into an aristocratic family
Became a monk and then a pope
First pope who had been a monk
Wrote many books that added to Christian literature of the Middle Ages
Worked with king Ethelbert
Wanted to stop heresy in Rome
Servant of servants of God


Thomas Carlye's philosophy of history

History= men's accomplishments


G.K. Chesterton's philosophy of history

Popular History is just the recording of unpopular people
Leaves out the popular stuff


Thomas Carlyle

Born to a strong Calvinist parents


G.K. Chesterton

Roman Catholic
English writer