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30 year war



Jan Milic

Milic was a parish pastor in Prague who understood the 14th century and preached against the corruptness of the age.


4 articles of Prage

Primacy of the World
Centrality of the Sacraments
Integrity of the Clergy
Discipline of he Church


Jerusalem Center

established by Milic
Cared for the poor, unloved and unlovely, focusing on women and children


Nazareth College

college for the poor, who had previously been discriminated against in education.
Milic trained those with no money but much promise in the pattern of the Brethren of the Common Life schools.


Bethlehem Chapel

Milic was preaching 3 sermons a day, in 3 different languages, in three different places, plus at the Jerusalem Center and Nazareth College
In an attempt to give him a stable environment, his parishioners built him the Bethlehem Chapel, where he could preach all three sermons in a central place.
There he trained up the new generation in the way of the Lord


Jan Hus

Jan Hus emerged from the Jerusalem Center
He was condemned for his heretical teaching that justification was by faith alone, not of works and burned at the stake by the Inquisition, after he had started his reforming work that initiated Protestantism, long before Luther arose into the reformation.


Council of Constance

the great ecumenical Council which was called in an attempt to heal the Great Divide


Jerome of Prague

Friend of Jan Hus
Provided framework for reforming work
Condemned at the Council of Constance and burned at the stake


Primacy of the Word

First article of Prague
everything must be rooted and grounded in the Word of God, which was a thunderous declaration for those times.


Centrality of the Sacraments

Second article of Prague
In support of the sacraments, they said that true worship came as people of God, and covenantal theology was emphasized. The sacraments had to be a lively part of the renewal of worship, not simply ceremony of empty ritual.


Integrity of the Clergy

Third article of Prague
During that time many of the pastors exploited their own people for personal gain or abandoned their call. The Protestants stressed pastoral care and genuine piety, and called for discipline in the church.


Discipline of the Church

Fourth article of Prague
One of the purposes of the Church is to hold believers accountable to establish a pattern of holiness through systematic teaching of the Word. These reformers desired not to present God as a pal or a therapist, but as Savior and King


Jan Comenius

Orphaned at 12
Sent to Heidelberg school to study theology
Ordained as a pastor by the Moravian Brethren at Falnek
But, he and his church were persecuted and made to hide in the mountains
While he hid, his wife and children died
C rebuilt the church community in the hills, and cared for his people
He wrote Labyrinth of this World, which was an inspiration for Pilgrim's Progress
C travelled to continue his cause of the Moravian Brethren and was recognized all over as a Moravian ambassador
He had a great vision, and wrote much curricula for schools and devised new plans and projects, as well as relentlessly caring for his church community
Had many reasons to give up, but he didn't


Invasion of Charles X

Polish troops looted and burned Comenius' entire community, destroying his nearly-complete translations of the Bible and other works in progress. He and his pastor friends were scattered all across the lands as they once again lost everything.


Amsterdam Covenant Community

Comenius never lost hope,but started his life over, steadfast in his certainty that God would provide. In Amsterdam he gathered together his friends and started once more a covenant community.


Recovering the Lost Writings

He restarted his encyclopedia, exposition, and New Testament translation, and refine his vision for Christian education. Comenius foresaw great threats to Christian education through the sciences, and he tried to lay the foundation for a Christian worldview.


Legacy of Comenius

C inspired future generations
He extended the reach of the BOCL movement and inspired people to live by it
C beleived that art was essential for the demonstration of a Christian worldview


Extended the Brethren Schools

C extended the reach of the BOCL movement and inspired people to live by it


Literature and Imagination

Jan Comenius believed that the arts, including literature and imagination, were essential for the replication of a Christian worldview


Strategic Mission Initiatives

Comenius laid the foundation for the missionary movement


Education at Disciple-Making

Jan Comenius’s entire legacy is rooted in the idea that education is a crucial part of parish life and disciple-making, and this is what set his legacy apart.