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Martin Luther

During a terrible thunderstorm, Luther prayed to St. Anne and promised her that if she saved him from the storm he would become a monk. The thunderstorm immediately stopped and Luther stayed true to his promise.
The only thing that ever satisfied him was the Word of God, but he wrestled with the book of Romans
Nailed 95 theses to the Wittenberg door to change the ideas of the church
He was put into a tower because of his crazy ideas, and was charged with treason against the church
Married a nun


Demetrius Erasmus

Student of the Brethren of Common Life
Influenced people in Gouda and Roderdam
Became a monk at worked at the University of Paris as well as studying law
Took the New Testament and made it academic
Wrote book- Freedom of the Will
God had a plan for Erasmus, but he blew it



The supposed transformation of the Lord's Supper in the literal blood and body of Christ



Student of the Brethren of Common Life
Pastor of a huge church
Wrestled with indulgences and the plague
Wanted to stay true to the Bible
Developed the idea of nonsubstantiation



The idea is that in the communion, the body and blood of Christ, and the bread and wine, coexist in union with each other
Developed b Luther


Martin Bucer

Knew the church was in a bad situation
Became a pastor in Strasbourg
Influenced John Calvin


Charles V

Born to a powerful family
Father's side- heir to the Burgundian throne
Mother's side- heir of the reconquesta (area conquered by the Muslims)
hoped to unite the entire world and instill Christian tradition


Leo X

Roman Catholic Pope
Crafted a new vision for a different kind of hegemony
Hoped to build a spiritual empire


Sulieman I

Son of Beyazid, an Ottoman emperor
Trained to be a military lieutenant for his older brothers but proved himself better than them.
He eliminated his brothers and rose to power
Launched a Jihad against the West that is unrivaled for horribleness and productivity to this day


John Calvin

His father was a magistrate in a cathedral
Went to University of Paris
Wrote a master thesis on Seneca
Studied secular law because his father wanted him to
Never spoke about himself
Father of Calvinism


Nicholas Copernicus

Relied on Calvin for his best scribe, but this got them into trouble!
Calvin wrote a sermon for Copernicus that got all of the Lutherans banished
Copernicus ran away


Calvin's wanderings

Calvin, after getting banished, decided to move to Basil, but before he got there an evangelist in Geneva, named William Farrel, met with him and tried to convince him to go back to Geneva, even though it was still dangerous
Farrel challenged Calvin and declared that if he refused to go to Geneva God's anathema would be upon him
This scared Calvin, so he went to Geneva and preached
Although he was shy, when he started to preach he was like a fierce lion!
But...he had a hard time operating in the political rampage going on and didn't k ow how to be a good pastor to his congregation
After 2 years, the council lost confidence in him and he fled to Strasbourg
Calvin was enveloped into normal, cozy life in Strasbourg and loved it!
Got married!
Calvin happily pastored a church under Bucer's guidance
But...the council wanted and begged him to come back to Geneva
Unwillingly, he and his wife went back
Calvin applied what he had learned and accomplished great things
Geneva became a hope to the entire Christian world and was a place of freedom!



Preaching place of Calvin
After he reformed it, it became a great place of opportunity


Covenantal succession

Passing the Gospel from generation to generation