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Focus on value

o Everything should link back, directly or indirectly, to value
o Know who the customer is and what they value
o Understand customer and user experience


Start where you are

o Assess current state to determine what is already available to be leveraged
o Apply risk management skills in the decision-making process


Progress iteratively with feedback

o Resist the temptation to do everything at once
o Utilize iteration and feedback together
o Comprehend the whole but do something; avoid over-analyzing


Collaborate and promote visibility

o involve the right people in the correct roles to ensure better buy-in, more relevance, and increased likelihood of long-term success
o Understand the flow of work in progress to identify bottlenecks, excess capacity and waste
o Decisions require visible data


Think and work holistically

o Work in an integrated way to handle activities as a whole, rather than as separate parts
o Work towards end-to-end visibility of how demand is captured and translated into outcomes


Keep it simple and practical

o Always use the minimum number of steps to accomplish an objective
o Consider the contribution to value
o Do fewer things, but better
o Easier to understand, easier to adopt


Optimize and automate

o Maximize the value of the work carried out by human and technical resources
o Standardize/streamline manual tasks
o Assess current state, define future state, simplify before automating