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What are the axial compressor parts made of

1. inlet cone- light alloy
2. compressor wheel- titanium alloy
3. casing(housing all compressor components)- steel
4. centrifugal wheel- titanium alloy
5. carbon seal- ring sealed in a tungsten steel holder

ARRIEL 2C1-2C2, 2C2 CG 3-10


What is the fuel to air ratio for combustion

Primary air- 1/15
total- 1/45

ARRIEL 2C1-2C2, 2C2 CG 3-24


What are the turbine blades made of

Single crystal blades

ARRIEL 2C1-2C2, 2C2 CG 3-28, GOOGLE


What is the output rotation of the transmission shaft

6000 RPM

ARRIEL 2C1-2C2, 2C2 CG 3-42


What is the filtering capability of the oil filter

20 microns

ARRIEL 2C1-2C2, 2C2 CG 4.16


What is the order of engine stations

1. ambient air
2. air intake
3. axial compressor inlet
4. centrifugal compressor inlet
5. centrifugal compressor outlet
6. turbine inlet
7. gas generator turbine outlet
8. power turbine outlet

Arriel 2C1-2C2, 2C2 CG 3-6


What are reasons for tire replacement

1. visible cord showing anytime
2. object imbedded- with visible cord or pressure loss after
removal of object
3. tread wear reaches bottom of tread depth for a continuous 4
in or more
4. skid spot 4 in or more continuos lengths
5. chunking past tread depth groove or chunks exceeding 1in
6. sidewall cuts regardless of length
7. excessive pressure loss
8. movement of slippage marks
9. inspection date expiration

MPC 05200.6 P. 5


What psi should the main landing gear be serviced at

80 psi

MPC 05200.6 P. 5


What do you clean windows with

Plastic polish P-P-560

MPC 05200.6 P. 6


What psi do you service the right/left tires to

123 psi

MPC 05200.6 P. 9


How many links of the grounding chain should touch the ground

Minimum of 2 links

MPC 05200.6 P. 9


How many missing brake clips per wheel is allowed

3 clips maximum, no 2 adjacent clips missing

MPC 05200.6 P. 9


The G switch on the ELT should be in what position


MPC 05200.6 P. 10


What type of heat resistant coating is on the engine exhaust cowling


MPC 05200.6 P. 11


What do you service the main and tail gearbox with


MPC 05200.6 P. 12


What g impact will illuminate the emergency lighting

3.2 vertical and 4.0 horizontal

CGTO 1H-65D-1 P. 1-80


What is the weight capacity of the cargo hook

2000 lbs

CGTO 1H-65C-1 p 1-88


How does the gimbal allow the cargo hook to swing

A gimbal permits the hook to swing laterally 60 degreesand longitudinally to 30 degrees aft

CGTO 1H-65C-1 p 1-88


What G impact will activate the ELT

5 G

CGTO 1H-65C-1 p 1-85


What is the capacity of the fire extinguisher

2.5 lbs

CGTO 1H-65C-1 p 1-85


What is the performance of the fire extinguisher

Duration of operation is approximately 10 seconds with a horizontal range of between 9 and 15 feet.

CGTO 1H-65C-1 p 1-85


What is the performance of the under water acoustic beacon (UAB)

Operates for 30 days after activation, powered by 9 volt battery, can withstand high g impact and 20,000 ft of deep water immersion, has a detection range of 2,000-4,000 yards

CGTO 1H-65C-1 p 1-86


How many hours does the voice and flight data recorder record

25 hours

CGTO 1H-65C-1 p 1-305