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Emergency EGRESS procedures

1. reference point locate and remain calm
2. SEAS bottle- employ as required
3. emergency exits- locate emergency release handles, push/pull and
4. ICS cord disconnect
5. reference point relocate and hold
6. seatbelt/harness release
7. egress holding reference points exit at right angles to the aircraft
8. life vest- inflate as required when clear of the aircraft

CGTO 1H-60T-1 3-48


What psi do you service the tail landing gear tire to

78-83 psi

MPC 13203.0 P. 8


A tire shall be rejected when tread is

Worn to bottom of any tread groove for continuos 12 in or when wear has reached first fabric ply past bottom of tread grooves

MPC 13203.0 P. 17


What psi do you service the right/left main landing gear

95-100 psi

MPC 13203.0 P. 17


What should be used to test all flame detectors

Incandescent type flashlight, not LED

MPC 13203.0 P. 21


What are the blade tip caps made of


MPC 13203.0 P. 42


What g impact will the inertia reel on the shoulder harness lock

6.0 g on any axis and 2.5 g when the shoulder harness is extended

CGTO 1H-60T-1 p 1A-152


How long is the hoist

200 ft with the first and last 20 ft painted orange variable rate 0-250 fpm

CGTO 1H-60T-1 p 1A-152


What is the operating life of the UAB

30 days after activation

CGTO-1H-60T-1 p 1A-158


What is the performance of the under water acoustic beacon (UAB)

Operates for 30 days after activation, powered by 9 volt battery, can withstand high g impact and 20,000 ft of deep water immersion, has a detection range of 2,000-4,000 yards

CGTO 1H-60T-1 p 1A-158