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What hydraulic systems are required for normal/non-normal operation of the landing gear

1. Normal system 3
2. Non-normal 2


What indication would you get if the brakes had inadequate HYD pressure and at what pressure does that happen

IB/OB BRAKE PRESS caution when pressure is less than 1800 psi


All ways the hydraulic SOVs can be closed

1. L/R Fire Push
2. L/R HYD switch lights


How many hydraulic pumps

6 - 4 AC pumps and 2 eng. driven


Arrange HYD systems in terms of size



How is hydraulic fluid cooled
PSM 14-20-1

1. 1 & 2 through shared air/fluid heat exchanger
2. System 3 doesn't get officially have a method of cooling but indirect cooling as the lines pass through fuel tank


If ADG is deployed can you turn off 3B
PSM 14-30-3

No it will be powered no matter what


With respect to the landing gear, what happens if you loose HYD system 2 and 3

Your nose gear won't come down and mains will only lock mechanically not hydraulic


What happens to braking after SYS 3 failure

1. Accumulators hold pressure for 6 activations
2. Outboard brakes not effected
3. After accumulator depletion only 50% braking


When do 1B and 2B pumps come on in auto
PSM 14-20-3

1. Flaps out of 0* with...
2. Cross side bus powered
3. Any AC generator working, excluding ext. power


When will 1B and 2B operate in the ON position

1. Cross side bus powered
2. ANY AC power source


How do the 3A & 3B pumps run
PSM 14-10-1

3A runs continuously 3B runs during periods of high flow, I.e. Flaps out of zero


What does a HYD 1 or 2 OPEN caution mean
PSM 14-20-7

Indicates that the respective shut-off valve is open with an associated fire


When in auto, will the B pumps come on automatically with a loss of hydraulic pressure



What color is the brake pressure read outs

Green above 1800
Yellow below 1800