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Determining sex

  • examination for prostate gland
  • testes (male) or uterus/ovaries (female)
  • skeletonisation - pelvis and skull most useful


Determining age

•Fetus and neonate: bone development assessment using ossification centres - x-rays are very useful

•Childhood and adolescence: assessment of epiphyses

•Adult: very difficult to do with accuracy

•Ageing by examining the teeth: most valuable indicator from infancy to adulthood


Personal identification

Fingerprints: those with a criminal record or by comparison with prints on personal possessions

Dental records: more prevalent than fingerprints, but dependent on the quality of dental records available; durable and fire resistant - dentures also useful

DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) profiling: depends on availability of controls, e.g. toothbrush, razor, hairbrush, material removed at surgery, Guthrie card


                     Determination of stature

Difficult to do with precision, even with an intact body

•People may not have had their height measured accurately in life anyway

•Individual bones of the lower limb are most useful for calculation of height