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What role did agressive 'Blood and Iron' nationalism play?

defeated France and unified Germany


What was the impact of German unification?

Balance of power in Europe altered. Germany strengthened at expense of France and Austria relegating to secondary position in Europe.


What was Bismarck appointed as?

First Imperial Chancellor of new German empire with Wilhelm I becoming first emperor of empire.
Bismarck had complete control of both Germany foreign and domestic policy


What was Germany able to do due to debt of France from the Franco Prussian War?

Bismarck built Germany into industrial, economic and military giant with standing army of 400 000 men and another 1 500 000 reservists.


What was Germany able to with its military power?

develop system of European alliances a


What happened to Italy due to withdrawal of French forces in rome?

unification of italian states.


With German unification how did impact on views of war?

- showed how modern warfare would be dominated by heavy artillery.
- war as instrument of national policy became feature of European international relations.


What did 'state socialism' affect?

State socialism in germany, Bismarck used program of reform based on socialist movement model.
Germany was established as European pioneer in improving working class conditions through introduction of worker's compensation, health insurance, state welfare housing and old-age pensions.


What did the german unification leave for France and Germany?

Left bitterness between France and Germany that influenced the outbreak of WW1.
isolating France through building relation with neighbour, Bismarck sought to ensure German security, forming triple alliance in 1882.