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Who was he?

a Prussian aristocrat who was the architect of unification and used power of the Prussian state and war to achieve his goals, using the 'Blood and Iron' nationalism.


When and where was he born?

1815 (same year as Congress of Vienna), in Prussian province of Brandenburg.


when did he enter politics and was his reputation?

he entered politics and in 1847 ad his reputation was of ambitious, ruthless and gifted politician as Prussian patriot.


What happened in 1861?

Wilhelm I became king of Prussia.


What was Wilhelm I determined to do?

determined to bring Prussia leadership under unified Germany and so began strengthening military power.


WHy did the Prussian liberals in the Reichstag oppose this?

opposed military expenditure as believed should unite through nationalism and patriotism. But also feared military use as used to crush Revolutions of 1848 and liberal Frankfurt Assembly.


What did Wilhelm do in response to opposition from Prussian liberals?

called support of Bismarck, appointing him as Prime Minister - President of Prussia in 1862 to oppose liberalism and fight for unification.


What did Bismarck do following 27s years of authoritarian leadership?

Prussian power grew and the German states came to dominate Europe.