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What southern German states remained out of Confederation?

Baden, Hesse-Harmstadt, Wurttemburg and Bavaria remained out of the North German Confederation.


What did Bismarck need to find in order to for the southern states to accept Prussian leadership and join Confederation?

identify a common enemy, as previously worked in encouraging patriotism necessary for unification.


What did Napoleon III demand? What was Bismarck's response?

South German territory as compensation for France's neutrality.
Bismarck not only refused but revealed Napoleon's design on Rhineland, frightening the Southern German states into a military alliance.


What did Bismarck use to manoeuvre Napoleon III into war?

used dispute between Prussia and France over succession to the Spanish throne for next war.


What did Bismarck suggest that instilled fear from French?

suggested German prince as future monarch of Spanish throne, knowing French fear of growing power of German states.


What was the French's emperor retaliation to suggestion of German prince as future monarch? What did Bismarck advise to do?

requested assurance from King Wilhelm that no Prussian royal family would accept crown head of Spain.
Bismarck advised king to reject it and then published a carefully edited version of conversation between Prussian king and Count Benedetti, French ambassador of Prussia = Elms Telegram.


What was the outcome of the publishment of Ems Telegram?

France felt insulted by hostile tone and what appeared to be diplomatic defeat of telegram. aroused nationalist passions in France, much to Bismarck's satisfaction.
France declared war on Prussia, making them look like the aggressor.

Nationalist sentiment swept across North German Confederation and the southern states rallied to Prussia and joined the Confederation.

The first Germany army was formed, a united front.


When did the Franco Prussian war begin after France's declare of war with Prussia?

began July 1870.


What was the military force like for Prussia in the Franco Prussian war?

German mobilisation rapid as well planned.
Prussian army, under leadership of Count von Moltke, defeated French forces within 3 months and took over 1 000 French prisoners, with the decisive victory as Sedan.


What did the Prussian do in the Franco Prussian war?

Another 6 months of war dragged on. The Prussians besieged Paris and starved French capital in surrender.


What was the outcome of the Franco Prussian war?

Cold and hunger defeated French in January 1871.
King Wilhelm I of Prussia was anointed as 1st emperor, Kaiser of Germany in Hall of Mirrors in Palace of Versailles ( embarrassment for France as near Paris)


What was the Treaty of Frankfurt?

Signed in May 1871, Germany annexed the strategically important and agriculturally rich French territories of Alsace and Lorraine.

Germany wanted to punish France for war so harsh terms of peace included large French war debt to Prussia.
German troops occupied Northern France until debt of 200 million pounds honoured.


How did Bismarck unify Germany in hatred of France?

use of Gov propaganda and Bismarck's inflammatory speeches, letters and newspaper articles, united German hate of France.


What did the Franco Prussian war establish?

established Prussia as head of German empire, and a united Germany as Europe's leading power.