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Psychosexual stages of development

Oral - child seeks pleasure by putting things in their mouth
Anal - focus on defecating
Phallic- focuses on genitals child is aware there is a difference between genders
Latency- sexual desires hidden
Genital - focuses on sexual relationships


Oedipus complex

Occurs during the phallic stage
Boy has sexual desires for mother rivalry with father can only overcome it if they identify with dad and hav fear of castration


Sample details -

Little hans
3 and 5
Just before three would show interest in widdler
Hans father would gather data about hans phobias, fears and fantasies through observations and interview with hans


Results - bath fantasy

At 3 1/2 sister Hannah was born hans was jealous and wished his mother would make let hanna drown in the bath
Demonstrated jealousy as hans segregated from mother evidence for Oedipus complex


Castration anxiety

Hans mother caught hans playing with his widdler she told him to stop otherwise doctor will cut it off had castration anxiety evidence for Oedipus complex


Phobia of horses

Around 41/2 hans became scared of horses that where white and particularly had black around their mouth represented fear of father he had a dark moustache evidence for Oedipus complex



SDreamt about big giraffe calling out because hans had taken the crumpled giraffe away from it hans sat on the crumpled one
Symbolic of father taking mother away - telling him to get out of their bed


Plumber fantasy 1 and 2

Plumber removed his bottom and widdler and gave him a larger one hans could identify with father resolution of Oedipus complex
Plumber fantasy 2 - plumber screwed a bath plug and stuck a plunger in his stomach - pushing hans away with his widdler - resolution of Oedipus complex


Parenting marrying fantasy

Hans fantasised about marrying mum and playing father to own children - mad space for dad in his life grand father and hans was father - resolution of Oedipus complex



Case study - a study on one person or small group of people over a long period of time
S- gather lots of in depth data , can see development high ecological validity
W- not replicable
Not representative
Time consuming



Unstructured interview
S- no pre questions
No direction



Conversations between hans and father on hans phobias flag sides and fears,



Parents gave consent to allow phschoanalysis as a research paper little hans wasn't deceived did Sk why he was writing down dreams etc said - because I shall send it to a professor who can then take away your nonsense for you


Validity -

Much more obvious reasoning fear of horses may have seen someone bitten etc idea of being bitten classical conditioning



Sample to small to east kiss consistent effect not able to say all children develop through psychosexual stages need a larger sample to establish this


Sample - analysis

Can't say that all people will develop through Oedipus complex in psychosexual stages of development in same way
Can't say psychosexual development of boys will be the same as girl


Link to areas and perspectives

Investigating the way which people differ in way of phobias , fears and fantasies
Phschodynamic Freud explains little hans phobias and fantasies as a unconscious force


Link to key theme

Understanding disorders understand through understanding of unconscious conflicts