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What is probability?

The likelihood of events being determined by chance


Why do psychologists use a 5% level of significance in research?

It strikes a balance between the risk of making the Type I and II errors


What is a type I error?

Reject null when it is true and accept alternative (false positive)


What is a type II error?

Accept null when it is false and reject when it alternative is true (false negative)


What is inferential testing?

Statistical procedures that make predictions about populations from mathematical analysis of data taken from samples


What is the rhyme you use to remember nominal data?

Naughty Children Swear Constantly

Nominal: Chi-squared, Sign test, Chi-squared


What is the rhyme you use to remember ordinal data?

Only Men Want Sausages

Ordinal: Mann-Whitney, Wilcoxon, Spearman


What is the rhyme you use to remember interval data testing?

I Usually Rate Pizza

Interval: Unrelated t-test, related t-test, Pearsons


What are the two other names for a type I error?

- Error of optimism
- False positive


What are the two other names for a type II error?

- Error of pessimism
- False negative


Why would researchers use a one-tailed test?

They have previous knowledge indicating results, meaning they have a directional hypothesis


Why is statistical testing used?

To determine the likelihood that results are due to chance factors and to gain meaning from data