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What do we need in information-loaded-world to guide our decision making

Shortcuts or Rules of Thumb


6 shortcuts which guide human behavior

1. Reciprocity
2. Liking
3. Authority
4. Scarcity
5. Consensus - Social proof
6. Consistency



Obligation to give when you receive (behavior, gift, service)

Not what you give but how you give :
- Be the first to give
- Personalized
- Unexpected



People want more of those things there are less

- Its not enough to tell people the BENEFITS they will gain if they choose your product/services
- Need to tell what is UNIQUE about your proposition
- What they stand to LOSE if they fail to consider your proposal



People will follow credible knowledgeable experts

- Important to SIGNAL to others what makes you credible knowledgeable authority BEFORE you make your influence attempt
- ARRANGE someone to do it for you (even if they know u or will prosper from that intro)



People like to be consistent with the things they have previously said or done

- ACTIVATED by looking for and asking for SMALL INITIAL commitments that can be made
- Look for VOLUNTARY, ACTIVE and PUBLIC commitments
- Ideally get them in WRITING



People prefer to say YES to those they like

What causes one person to like another :
- People who are SIMILAR to us
- People who pay us COMPLIMENTS
- People who CO-OPERATE with us towards mutual goals



People will look to the ACTIONS and BEHAVIOURS of OTHERS to determine their own, especially when they are uncertain

Rather than influencing yourself, can POINT to what many others are already doing - especially many SIMILAR others