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What are three things to be kept in mind ?

Attention, Unity and Connections.


How Attention can be used ?

# Where do you need to direct someone’s attention? # What specific question could you ask to guide their focus?

- Attention = importance.
- Our attention is limited. When we pay attention to one thing, we are forced to ignore everything else.
- people’s attention is attracted most by cues related to sex, danger and anything that looks new or different. b) unfinished stories and mysteries c) by making it all about THEM (talking in terms of their interests, concerns or problems.)


How Unity can be used ?

Are you one of them? How can you show that? This will allow you to influence someone powerfully.

Unity is when someone feels you are one of them. Unity is also about shared groups, shared identities and shared world views.


How Connections can be used ?

# What positive mental connections do you want for yourself or your product?
# What positive words or images can you bring up?
# What negative words should you avoid?

- Trust is a very useful feeling for people to associate you with
- All the thoughts in our brains are linked with connections. New connections can be engineered, like Pavlovs