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7 Steps to Sales

1. Build Rapport
2. Qualify the need - find the need
3. Build value
4. Create Desire
5. Overcome Objections
6. Close the Sale
7. Follow up


What are four aspects of Rapport building

a. Mutual Liking
b. Trust – prospect should feel they working with expert (authority)
i. educating builds trust
ii. design a core story packed with data of great value to prospects
c. sense you share their concerns
d. Other ways


What are other ways of rapport building

i. Ask great questions
ii. Have a sense of humour
iii. Commiserate
iv. Be empathetic and care about them
v. Find common ground
vi. Mirror


Factors to Qualify the need – find the need

a. What are they looking for ?
b. What factors will influence them to buy ?


How to Build Value ?

a. 1-2 minute pitch that builds value
i. Present core story / executive briefing
• Orientation should be to buyer and not product & service
ii. How you introduce education – need to presell everything


3 Steps to close a sale

a. Goal is to set up such logical buying criteria that prospect and salesperson walk to close the sale together
b. Should also be stated that most people need help in making decisions
c. Role play all above – kind of questions he can ask, how will you answer (Lata)


9 reasons why you should help someone in making a decision (closing a sale)

i. Help prospects make the decision ; okay to make them feel pressure
ii. Another tried and tested method is to assume the sale
iii. People who don’t close well – weak ego strength and fear of rejection
iv. Your job is to take people out of misery of shopping
v. People don’t regret when they buy, unless they buy a lemon
vi. Greatest weakness in folks, they don’t make a decision
vii. If what you sell is truly going to serve the prospect, then go at him every which way until he buys
viii. Can you add on something that motivates him to buy right now
ix. Or can you reverse the risk so that all his objections are neutralized


What are 4 steps to overcoming objection ?

a. Tougher objections are one you don’t know
b. Better you qualify them, fewer obstacles you will have as you come into close
c. You should agree objection is valid. Always agree with the objection. Client will drop the guard
d. Isolate the objection eg : is the only thing standing between you and purchase of this product
i. You must work on it with a pig-headed determination and discipline
ii. If you have isolated the objection, you have just moved a huge step closer to closing the sale


What are two steps to creating Desire

a. Lead them through series of questions in which you intensify need from their perspective
b. Present *killer date* that truly motivates your buyer to take action *now*


7 tactics to create desire

i. Your buyers will be lot more motivated if their current situation becomes unacceptable
ii. To create desire , you must motivate your buyers using a combination of problems and solutions even if you are the one pointing the problems that they have really considered
iii. Market and your core story can do this well
iv. If your prospects are comfortable with their current situation, they are not motivated to change. So make them uncomfortable
v. People will act faster to solve a problem than they will to gain an unrealized benefit. People will naturally move away from problems and discomfort to solutions
vi. Once you have shown them the problems, paint the picture of their wonderful future with your products or service and you will create desire
vii. Just be sure you are painting picture of their future and not just your products. Remember features tell, benefits sell. Don’t tell them what it is but rather why they need it