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How is the origin vs. the insertion of a muscle defined?

The origin is the side of the muscle that moves very little, if at all. The insertion is the side of the muscle that moves the most.


What are the two phases of locomotion?

Stance phase, swing phase


Define flexion.

Bending or making a decreasing angle between bones or body parts such that two ventral surfaces are brought closer together


Define extension.

Bending or making an increasing angle between two ventral surfaces


Define abduction and adduction.

Abduction is moving away from the median plane.

Adduction is moving toward the median plane.


What is cephalic?

Towards the head. Same as superior, cranial.


What is caudal?

Away from the head. Same as inferior


What is a dermatome?

A dermatome is an area of skin that is mainly supplied by a single spinal nerve