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how do eukaryotes regulate gene expression...?

direct- interaction with transcriptional machinery

indirect- changing chromatin structure, opening up diff areas of the chromosome allowing transcription factors to get into the promoter


what does the phosphorylation of TFIIH lead to...?

the start of RNA synthesis


TATA binding protein binds....where?

to the core promoter to enable RNA pol II and other transcription factors to bind


info on TATA box

TATA box indirectly positions RNA pol II to begin transcription which is positioned around 30bp downstream


TF's which will help determine the level of transcription from the preinitiation complex

Ø TF that bind close to promoter
Ø TF that bind far away from promoter (called enhancers)
Ø Some which will act negatively and are far away called silencers
Ø Close binders will be specific for this promoter

Far away binders might be controlling more than one promoter