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Name the different types of joints
Describe in details

Fibrous joints
- Fixed joints
- No movement
- e.g. sutures in the skull > for protection

Cartilaginous joints
- Allow some movements
- Can found between Ribs attach to Sternum ( for respiration) / between vertebrae
- No blood supply, can't regenrate

Synovial joints
- The most moveble joints
- Contain a liquid filled cavity (lubrication)
- Surrounded by ligament that hold bones together and form a capsule to stablise
- Contain nerve to measure stretch
- 6 different types


Name the different types of synovial joints

- Gliding/ Plane - bone slide past each other with limited movement (midcarpal & midtarsal joints)

- Ball & Socket - allows radial movement in almost any direction (shoulder& hips)

- Pivot - allow rotation around an axis ( in the atlantoaxial joint of the neck; in the forearm: the radius & ulna)

- Ellipsoid - allow small type of radial movement but less magnitude than ball & socket (Wrist)

- Saddle - allow movement back/ forth; up/ down; but not rotation like ball & socket (thrumb)

- Hinge - allow extension & retraction of an appendage (knee & elbow)


What is cartilage produced by?



Name the types of cartilage

- Hayline cartilage (between ribs & sternum, in the trachea & bronchii, in the ear, the larynx)

- Elastic cartilage (epiglottis, larynx, outer ear)

- Fibrocartilage (intervertbral disks)


Describe cartilage nature

Softer than bone yet firm; more flexible; have no blood supply; resistant to compression; with some hydration


the cartilage is enclosed by _________

Perichondrium ( a thin layer of dense connective tissue


The cartilage contains a ______ like substance called__________ along with _________

- jelly
- chondroitin sulphate (a proteoglycan- heavily glycosylated glycoprotein)
- fibres of collagen and elastin


What is ligament

- Bands of connective tissue composed mainly of long, stringy, collagen fibres
- Connect bone to bone


Synovial joint cavity contains _______

synovial fluid


Cartilage covers ________

the 2 bone surfaces


What surround the joint?

Joint capsule and ligament


Name 2 joint diseases

Rheumatoid arthritis - Bone erosion, swollen inflamed synovial membrane

Osteoarthritis - Joint worn out, cartilage is thinned down. Bones end up rubbing each other

Gout - Crystal of uric acid found in synovial fluid. Cause by purine metabolism defect