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Atlanto-Occipital Joint

> Synovial Plane joint
> Occipital convex condyles articulating with Concave facets on superior atlas
> Allow large amount of flexion + extension (+degree of rotation)


Atlanto-Axial joints

> Synovial Plane joint
> Rectangular convex facet on ant. aspect of dens articulates with concave facet on posterior aspect of anterior arch of C1
*Posterior aspect of dens articulates with anterior aspect of transverse ligament (cartilaginous cells to aid articulation) - holds dens in place

LATERAL JOINTS (facet joints)
> Synovial plane joints
> Concave facets of atlas articulate with convex facets of axis


Intervertebral joints

> Symphysis
> Hyaline end plates + intervertebral disc (nucleus pulposus + annulus fibrosus)


Joints of von luschka

> Synovial plane joints between lipped edges of cervical vertebrae
> 5 lower cervical vertebrae only
> function is to control movement + stabilize cervical spine


Facet joints

> Synovial plane joints between superior facets of vertebrae below and inferior facets of vertebrae above