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Lower Cervical Spine Ligaments C2-C7

> A.LL - attaches to anterior vertebral bodies + discs
- limits extension
> P.L.L - attaches to posterior vertebral bodies + discs
- limits flexion
> Ligamentum Flavum - attaches to lamina of adjacent vertebrae
- Limits flexion
> Intertransverse Lig - Mostly muscles fibres in cervical spine
> Interspinous Ligs - connect the spinous processes - blends with ligamentum nuchae
- limits flexion
> Ligamentum Nuchae - Ext Occ Protuberance to spinous processes (+post. tubercle of C1) up to C7 where it forms supraspinous ligament
- Limits Flexion


Apical Ligament

> Apex of the dens of C2 to anterior edge of foramen magnum
> Prevents unwanted longitudinal distraction of occiput away from spine


Alar Ligaments

> Attached from either side of the dens to the medial aspects of the occiput (either side of foramen magnum)
> Limits flexion (bilaterally) /rotation (ipsilaterally)/side flexion (contralaterally) - relaxed in extension
> prevents distraction of C1 on C2


Transverse Ligament

> Divides ring of atlas into 2 compartments
- anterior = dens
- posterior = spinal cord
> Articular cartilage cells on anterior surface aid articulation with dens
> Holds dens and atlas in close approximation- prevents anterior displacement of atlas on axis


Anterior Atlanto-Occipital Membrane

> Continuation + broadening of A.L.L
> Anterior Dens to Anterior aspect of atlas to anterior margin of foramen magnum
> Prevents unwanted extension (+ limit rotation)


Tectorial Membrane

> Continuation of P.L.L
> Posterior aspect of dens to anterior edge of foramen magnum (superficial to alar + apical)
> Prevents unwanted flexion


Cruciform ligament

> Works with transverse ligament to hold dens in place
- superior band = from dens to foramen magnum
- inferior band = from dens to body of C2
*interlinks with transverse lig to form cross
> limits flexion + displacement of C1 on C2


Posterior atlanto-occipital membrane

> Continuation of Ligamentum flavum
> Connects lamina of C1-C2 and then to posterior margin of foramen magnum
> Posterior unwanted flexion (+rotation)


Ligamentum Nuchae

> External Occipital Protuberance to Spinous Process of C7
- Connects with all spinous processes + posterior tubercle of C1 on way
> Limits flexion