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Paragraph 1 - the begining/first attacks

Jewish chronicle written in mainz 1096 - mainz the centre of Jewish learning and never recovers
Jew's responsible for the murder of Jesus - obvious target. But no other motive. Pattern of violence established over this.
1190 - Clifford's tower in York. Jew's fled to castle of sheriff - Mob set it on fire. English source reported this with sympathy. Elite did not take part. Why? Mob then went to cathedral of York and burned archives of the bishops debts he had to the Jew's. Money now a motive
King Richard the lion head very annoyed - in charge of welfare of Jew's - their debts are his debts. Unhappy authority now.


Paragraph 2 - accusation

1144 the murder of william of norwich - alleged Jew's kill Christian child. Canon of Norwich says Jew's are meeting internationally and conspiring. Stereotyping and fear. This was the first case of this but then started to multiply rapidly. Blaming Jew's for anything bad that is happening.
Desecration of the host - this also becomes a common accusation. Seen as a way of killing Christ again. Jew's are stealing it ready for mass. Stabbing it and blood runs out - arrested and burned. Anything to get into people's heads and spread the hatred of Jew's.


Paragraph 3 -

In 1215 innocent the third and the 4th hateran - one of the most important councils in the church. Made legislation on Jew's and Islam to wear identifiable dressings. So Christians knew who they could not have relations with - not anti Semitic in nature.
Christians banned from money lending - Jew's can't do much but can do that. Have very strong international links
Ghettoization - keep then all together behind walls. Meaning much more obvious target in the one place. Never gets to happen.


Paragraph 4.

Jew's used as scape goats - denied of office.
Expelled from some countries - they were partly motivated by the fact that they were purifying their countries. Maybe not anti Semitic
They have already got the wealth of the Jew's from their debts.
Can no longer serve in the army. Clear the view of Jew's in official views.
Cannot be saved but do not persecute - the kings Jew's. Would not attack the king.
Long nose slur developing - link to debt collecting. Royal protection. Royal debts