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Quote 1

"It is not good for man to be alone, I will make a fitting helper for him."


Quote 2 - Talmud

"He who has no wife is not a proper man, he lives without joy, blessing, goodness."


Quote 3

"A man will leave his father & mother, and be united with his wife."


Quote 4 - Rabbinic literature

"He who marries a good woman is as if he has fulfilled the Torah from beginning to end."


Outline the practice of Marriage in Judaism.

1. The couple have made an announcement of their intention. - Aliyah, Mikvah, Kettubah, Bedekin.

2. Bride & groom are escorted separately to the Chuppah. Bride circles groom. Blessings over wine. Ring given. Recitations & declarations in Hebrew.

3. Brakhot - 7 marriage blessings. Smashing of glass.

4. Bride & groom retire to break their fast (yichud)


Define 'Aliyah'

The groom is called forward to read Torah in the synagogue, the Shabbat before the wedding.
Bride only called in Reform.


Define 'Mikvah'

Ritual bathing of the bride before the ceremony.


Define 'Kettubah'

The marriage contract, needed before the wedding.
Specifies groom's responsibility in the case of a divorce.
Groom takes hold of a hankie held by the rabbi to show his acceptance.


Define 'Bedekin'

The bridal veil. The groom lifts it to check it's really her, before the ceremony.


Define 'Chuppah'

A canopy under which the ceremony takes place. Symbolises the little house the couple intend to build.