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Outline changing patterns of religious adherence

Australia still largely Christian because of settlement.
No. church-goers declining, esp. traditional Protestant churches
Orthodox increased post WWII; now remaining constant
Catholics increased post WWII; now largest denomination
Pentecostal increase
Buddhist, Jewish & Muslim increases
Jews constant & few
Increase in 'no religion'


Why Christianity the largest?
Why the changes?

White Australia Policy
Immigration from Europe
Traditional churches -> adherents ageing, no one joining
Pentecostal -> music. Revolving door syndrome -> lists join & then leave


What impact has immigration had?

Increase in Christians -> immigration from Europe post WWII
Increase in Islam -> war in Palestine means more immigrants
Increase in Hinduism -> work availability in Australia
Increase in Buddhism -> Vietnam War


Impact of Denominational switching

More Pentecostals, less traditional.


What impact has the rise of 'New Age Spiritualities' had on the religious landscape?

More people choosing 'other' religion in the census.
Has attracted people from traditional religions to one that is 'more fulfilling' or relevant to today's society.


What impact has secularism had on the religious landscape?

More choosing 'no religion' since 1971.
Less choosing to state their religion (usually Christianity).


What impact has the ecumenical movements of the National Council of Churches had?

Working to reverse racial legislation - because Australia is so multicultural there is potential to rip apart society through prejudice.
-> reforms to White Australia Policy
Youth service for Reconciliation -> working with Indigenous youth


What impact has the ecumenical movements of the NSW Ecumenical Council had?

Social justice
Believe in unity between those who believe in God
"Christian Duties" between churches, rather than focusing on their differences
Eg Christmas Bowl


Why is it so important that interfaith dialogue take place in Australia?

Australia is a multi-faith society; potential to rip itself apart because of prejudice.


In the process of Reconciliation, what relationship between Aboriginal Spirituality and religious traditions?

Islam met with Aboriginal people since before white settlement
Reconciliation Australia -> eliminate life expectancy gap; try for respect of culture & contribution to society
Daly River -> blending Catholicism & Aboriginal Spirituality
Uniting Church -> supporting land claims, listening to their problems


What interfaith dialogue has been occurring in Australia?

Australian National Dialogue of Christians, Muslims & Jews
SoR course for HSC
Brigo going to Malek Fahd Islamic School
Breaking down of stereotypes -> e.g. only a few Muslims are extremist.
Federation of Ethnic Communities of Councils of Australia (FECCA) -> women of different faith
Affinity Intercultural Foundation -> started by Muslims for awareness of Muslim community.