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Outline Islamic Ethics in general.

Muslims are concerned with obligations to Allah.
Actions may be halal or haram.
Life is governed by Sharia Law - derived from Qur'an, Hadith, Ijma & Qiyas


Outline Islam's basic teachings about the environment

Muslims recognise that the earth belongs to Allah & that he knows all.
Nature serves to glorify God
There is balance & order in God's creation & it should not be interfered with.
People are caliphs (caretakers) of the earth, responsible to Allah.
Harming animals is as serious as if they were a person.
The earth is a manifestation of Allah, but is not to be worshipped.


Quote that the earth belongs to Allah.

"To Allah belongs the kingdom of the heavens & of the earth… He is powerful over everything."


Quote that he knows all

"Not a leaf falls but he knows it."


Quote that nature serves to glorify God.

"All that is in the heavens and the earth magnifies God."


Quote not to interfere with God's creation.

"Create no mischief on the earth after it has been set in order."


Quote that people are responsible to God.

"It is he who has appointed you viceroys in the earth."


Quote that harming animals is an offence.

"There is not an animal on earth… but they are peoples like you."


What are the 3 main teachings of Environmental Ethics?

1. Tawhid - unity & oneness of Allah extends to his creation.
2. Khalifa - stewardship - Allah placed care of creation in hands of humankind.
3. Akrah - Accountability. Muslims believe they will be judged by Allah for the way they looked after creation.

In summary:
Creation belongs to Allah, not to people. We are merely stewards, and this will be called upon on the Day of Judgement.


What are the specific areas that Islam focuses on?

Tree Planting
Greed & opulence


How does Islam focus on the issue of WATER?

An important resource, since Saudi Arabia is so dry; water is a gift from God.
Mankind do not 'own' water & may not withhold it from anyone.
Must not be wasted.
Synonymous with life. Is used for washing before prayer.


How does Islam focus on the issue of ANIMALS?

Must look after animals.
Some animals given as food, but forbidden to hunt for sport, or to kill in an unlawful way. Mustn't experiment on animals for cosmetic purposes.
Kindness to animals a noble act because they are Allah's creation.


How does Islam focus on the issue of TREES?

Sustaining nature - is a good deed.
Even during war must not cut down trees.
Belief that if one plants a tree & it feeds another living being, they will be rewarded by Allah.


How does Islam focus on the issue of GREED?

One of the main causes of wastage & pollution.
"Disorders the world" - bad.


What do Muslims believe must happen to fix the world?

The solution to the modern environmental crisis will be found only in a radical transformation of values & submission to Allah.


What are some actions that have been taken?

IFEES - Islamic Foundation of Ecology and Environmental Science
Governments who claim Islamic Principles are expected to conserve their environment.