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Unreal strict liability, the manufacturer is liable regardless of...

Negligence or fault of defective condition of product


Seller engaged in the business of selling the product is defined to include not only the buyer's immediate seller but...

Prior sellers on the distribution chain


Prior sellers in the distribution chain...2 examples

1 wholesaler

2 manufacturer


An involuntary petition would stop...

Enforcement of judgment liens against property in bankruptcy


When rights in property held in joint tenancy are conveyed without the consent of the other joint tenants, the new owner...

Becomes a tenant in common with the remaining joint tenants


Which type of job is considered nonexempt with respect to minimum wage and overtime pay provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act?

Factory Line workers


Factory line workers are entitled to...

Minimum wages and overtime pay


Bank is only liable to the drawer if failure to obey stop payment order...

Caused drawn a loss


When a buyer has no grounds for rescinding the sale...

The bank has no liability


The Bankruptcy Reform Act, establishes the priorities for...

Satisfaction of claims against debtor in bankruptcy proceedings


Unsecured claims with the highest priority under the Bankruptcy Reform Act would be...

Employees' wages


Unsecured claims with the highest priority under the Bankruptcy Reform Act would be employees' wages since they were...

Earned within 90 days before filing the petition


A professional pianist, who purchased a piano that was attached...

Takes free as a buyer in ordinary course of business


Under strict liability, a seller engaged in the business of selling a product is held liable for injuries caused by a product if it was...

In unreasonably dangerous condition when sold

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